Students come from all around & some cannot afford the tuition. Could you sponsor a student to receive training to reach their nation?

We do not make admissions decisions for DOMATA India based on a student’s ability to pay. Many of our students are financially unable to pay to attend DOMATA, but they know in their heart this four month intensive school will equip them to go back to their villages, plant churches, and shake the nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Can you help us train these students?

It only takes $300 to train a student for this four month program! This includes housing, food, staff & instructors, and bringing in guest ministers to impart into our students.

Would you invest in one of these students? How? A one time gift of $300 or four monthly gifts of $75 will provide a student the training they need to spend their lifetime advancing the Gospel throughout India!

We don’t just forget about our students when they graduate. They are eligible for the Embassy of Hope Church Planting Network to help bring additional resources and training for them to impact their nation! Some of our students & network have even went on to plant other Bible schools, training even more students!

Anyone can count the number of seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.

– Robert Schuller

Will you join me in investing in laborers for the end time harvest?