The Kingdom is relational. My ministry to India was ignited by a powerful connection with a man called “Brother Rudy.” I was literally evading the foreign registration police because I was not credentialed to minister in India. Brother Rudy connected me to a high-ranking government official who could solve my problem…but the administrator had a need of his own. The administrator’s daughter was demonized, completely out of control, alternately growling and screaming throughout the day and night hours.

“I’ve been to every temple in this city to pray for my daughter,” the heartbroken father said. “Do you believe your God can help my daughter?”

Confident in our Lord, I said, “Yes!”

Then I was immediately taken to the home of the governmental minister. His daughter was behaving in a deranged manner, but I asked permission to lay hands on her. Her father graciously agreed. I touched her forehead, demons came out and the young woman was suddenly in her right mind.

The parade of miracles has continued to this day. During a visit to Fire for the Nations Mission Conference, the Holy Spirit stirred me to take a bold step toward establishing a presence for Him in each of the seven Geographical/language regions in India.

Shortly after this visitation of God, I found property available in Siliguri that will provide room for a conference center which will also house a local church & Bible school through which we can begin to reach the regions. For only $80,000 we are in the process of purchasing two+ acres of land. We can build this first “base” for around $250k.

Is the Holy Spirit directing you to help me achieve this goal? If you are hearing His voice, you can easily respond by following the link to give below. Thank you for continuing in relationship and joining with me in creating good memories for those who do not yet know our Lord. God did not bring us together for naught all those years ago. His plan was to use our partnership to impact a nation with a Gospel. For the sake of the souls at stake, lets move today to pick up where we left off.

God’s best to you,
Kevin Cooley