Kevin Cooley



I get asked all the time, “Why India? Not many people are dreaming of going there!” Well, when I was 8 years old, my Children’s Pastor, Jim Wideman, took me to kids camp. On a warm summers night, in a small chapel in Eupora, Mississippi, it occurred to me for the first time that there were people all over the world that had never heard the Gospel. That reality bothered me, so I prayed a prayer that changed the trajectory of a million souls.

“Jesus… send somebody over there to tell them about You!” In that moment, The Eternal One, stepped into Time. He placed His hand on my hearts and spoke, “Go to the other side of the world and tell them about My Love.”

When I returned home, I reached for a globe that sat on my desk. I found my hometown of Jackson, MS and traced my finger to the opposite side of the ball where I landed on INDIA. With childlike logic I concluded, “This must be where the Lord wants me to go.” So when I was 19, I went. I’ve been going ever since.



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